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Layout FAQ

→ How to Credit:
- Please credit me in your profile/sidebar/public entry.

layout by visualwit

-Copy the above text into your blurb/profile.

→ Requests:
- I don't do requests, as I have no real time commitment for them. I will occasionally ask for suggestions, but again, it's at my discretion.

→ How to install a layout (flexible squares):
- Customize: Make sure your style system is S2!
- Look & Feel: Set layout to Flexible Squares.
- Customize
- Sidebar: Make sure sidebar is shown.
- Custom CSS: Set all the 3 drop down boxes to No.
- Copy & paste into Custom Stylesheet the overrides.

→ Can I edit the stylesheet?
- Certainly! As long as you credit me, and keep the header at the top of each stylesheet :)
- Keep in mind that after you customize the stylesheet, I won't be available for tweak tips and help.

→ How to customize links on the sidebar:
- Customize here.

→ How to change colors:
- Color codes look like this: "#948664". Replace this 6 digit hex-code with the code of your choice.
- I highly recommend the "FIND & REPLACE" function as you do this.
- HERE are some hex-codes for some commonly used colors.

→ How to remove ads:
- Upgrade to a paid account or Downgrade to a basic account.
- Unfortunately, LJ's ads are some of the most persistent.
- Another thing: I'm a plus account user. A plus account user with Adblock. That being said, I can't test for ads. I do however, always advise on how to make adds as innocuous as possible on your journal page.

FOR SIDEBARS: Make ads VERTICAL. Also make sure you have at least three modules enabled in the sidebar (ex: blurb, links, tags).

FOR TOPBARS: Make ads HORIZONTAL. Then make ads BETWEEN ENTRIES. It is very important that you do this, in this order.

If the layout does not have a sidebar/topbar, make ads VERTICAL. Poof! Ads disappear. LJ doesn't like when you do this though, don't get caught.

→ How to add a header:
- Find this code (or something similar in the css):
.headerimage {
width: ;
height: ;
position: relative;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
margin-bottom: 0px;
background-image: url('');
background-repeat: no-repeat;
- Edit accordingly.
- Keep in mind that I do NOT test headers on my layouts. This is primarily because I like leaving the layout as customizable as possible. You're always free to add a header (and I'll warn you otherwise (e.g., pattern based layouts where the layout is the header image).

→ How to add rounded corners to certain elements of your LJ page:
- Does not work in IE. I've personally tested it in Firefox but it may work in other browsers:
-moz-border-radius-bottomleft: 000px;
-webkit-border-radius-bottomleft: 000px;
-moz-border-radius-bottomright: 000px;
-webkit-border-radius-bottomright: 000px;
→ Other Resources:
- Flexible Squares Tutorial & How To Site

- I'm a Firefox convert. Get it.
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Updated 02/18/10
Tags: -o- admin, -o- faq
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